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Weld Consult Ltd. is a private company established in 22-June-1992 by four welding engineers with over 20 years experience in steel structures production, pressure vessels, tanks, pipelines, gaspipelines, heat- and nuclear power stations etc.

Official representative of

Main activities:


  • Supervision during production (at EMKO Belene plant) of Generic Tube Type Containers for compacted solid radioactive waste - type TTC 191, of Westinghouse Energy Systems International (incl. welders training & testing in acc. with ASME Sec. IX) (1992)
  • Weld Consult Ltd. was invited by the Bulgarian National Electric Company JSC as a supervising company in order to replace Japan supervisors for Collector Section of the largest Bulgarian project - Pumped Storage Power Station PAVEC Chaira. The Collector section was made out of Japanese HSLA steel SUMITEN HT 80, dia. up to 5020 mm, thickness 32-180 mm. Weld Consult Ltd. significantly reduced the total accumulated percentage of the defects in all welding seams - under 0,17 %, 17 times less than with Japanese supervisors! (1993-1994)
  • Supervision during pipes production (dia. 1420 mm) for a private company "Elvada" Ltd. (1994)
  • Supervision during pipes production (dia. 4440 mm, HSLA steel SUMITEN HT 80, 48 mm) for National Electric Company JSC (1995)
  • Supervision during repair of the collector section of Water Power Station at Pestera for Energomontage VEC AD (1996)
  • Over 16 months Weld Consult Ltd. supervised all welding activities at Power Penstock of the largest project in Bulgaria during the last 20 years - Pumped Storage Power Station PAVEC Chaira. The project is under the leadership of HARZA Engineering Co. Ltd. - Chicago, USA. All welders were trained, tested and supervised by Weld Consult Ltd. The total accumulated percentage of the defects in welding seams is extremely low again - under 0,2 %. The pipeline is 4440 mm in diameter, into an underground tunnel inclined up to 48�42'', thickness 32-48 mm, out of HSLA steels SUMITEN HT 60 & SUMITEN HT 80. Weld Consult Ltd. is the only company invited to supervise all welding activities at the project without any auction. All other companies are included into the project after gaining a competition with other concurrent companies (1996-1997).
  • Supervision and approval (ordered by SLV Duisburg) of heavy crane's beams produced in "Heavy Machinery" Radomir in acc. with DIN 15018/DIN 18800, p. 7 intended for Hamburg port, Germany (1997).
  • Supervision during repair of collector section of Water Power Station at Batak for Energomontage VEC AD (1997-1998).
  • Three contracts for Rubber Engineering (Salt Lake City, UT, USA) for supervision of production of heavy mining structures in acc. with D 1.1. "Structural Welding Code - Steel" produced in Struma Ltd., Pernik (1999-2001).

Procedures & welders qualifications

Weld Consult Ltd. conducts repeatedly for different clients Welders Training & Testing as well as Welding Procedures Qualifications in acc. with DIN 8560, EN 287 & EN 288, ASME "Boiler and Pressure Vessels" Code, sec. IX/D1.1. "Structural Welding Code - Steel" etc.

Representation of SLV Duisburg

Since 01-July-1993 Weld Consult Ltd. become the sole official representative of SLV Duisburg for Bulgaria (the largest German Welding Institute, address: Germany, 47057 Duisburg, 85 Bismark Str., tel: 0049-203-3781198, fax 0049-203-350569, SLV Duisburg - Quality Assurance Group).

Specialists from Weld Consult Ltd. are certified by SLV Duisburg to perform training and supervision during welded steel structures production as well as consultations by establishment of Quality Assurance Systems; testing of welders, testing of welding processes and procedures in accordance with DIN EN 287 & 288. Participation in companies testing for certification acc. to DIN 18800-7, DIN 6700 and DIN 15018.

Training and preparation of companies to be certified for steel structures, cranes & pressure vessels production

This activity includes: welders training and certification acc. to DIN 8560, EN 287 & 288, educational courses and testing of welding engineers (welding co-ordinators, welding inspectors), instructions to the companies for steps needed to be undertaken in acc. to meet the standards requirements as well as pre-certification tests for the a.m. companies.

Our clients are the largest Bulgarian companies: "Heavy Machinery" Radomir, "HIMMASH" Haskovo, "SPARKY" Rousse, ZMK Karnobat (MONTAJI AD), "Energomontage VEC" AD, "PKB" Pleven (BULMONT), "Energomontajcomplekt" Belene, "ESM" Belene, "PMU" Bourgass etc.

Consultancy in welding & testing

Weld Consult Ltd. ensures consultation in all welding field - production of steel structures & pressure vessels, quality assurance, welding technologies, welding personal qualification, metals, welding consumables, testing, repairing etc.

We prepare Welding Technologies (Welding Manuals) for different progects:

  • Production of Generic Tube Type Containers for compacted solid radioactive waste;
  • Production & erection of water towers;
  • Welding of Collector Section of Pumped Storage Power Station PAVEC Chaira;
  • Welding technology for repair welding of collector section at Water Power Station at Pestera;
  • Welding of power penstock of Pumped Storage Power Station PAVEC Chaira;
  • Repair of collector section at Water Power Station at Batak;
  • Repair of petroleum tanks in Alzara, Syria (sheets replacement);
  • Production and erection of petroleum tanks 5 000 m3 to 30 000 m3 - 7 tanks at Power Station Vasilikos, Cyprus;
  • Production of propane-butane tanks at SLMK Septemvri;
  • Repair and welding of tunnel oven (thickness 60 mm) for sodium production for Solvay-Sodi at Devnya;
  • Petroleum tanks & pipelines for OIL TANKING LTD. at Varna Port, Bulgaria;
  • Extention of copper smelter converter for UNION MINIER - Pirdop.

Petroleum tanks 30,000 m3
at Power Station Vasilikos, Cyprus
Welding Manuals & Quality Control

PAVEC Chaira
Dia. 4440 mm pipes transportation

PAVEC Chaira
The bifurcation
(SUMITEN HT 80, Dia. 5020 mm, thk 93-180 mm)

PAVEC Chaira
Dia. 2200 pipes welding



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